Fave Foto Friday Week #3

Welcome to Week 3 of Fave Foto Friday!

Yesterday I spent most of the day dealing with a clogged toilet. It was so bad the snake didn't work the night before. Then somehow after the water drained out slowly, it decided to overflow all over the bathroom floor, so gross. But luckily after our landlord came over with a longer snake he was able to get it unclogged. He said something came up that looked like a bar of soap. I have a feeling it's been in there since before we moved in. The people that lived here before have 3 young children and Hannah never goes anywhere near the toilet and we keep the lid closed anyways. So after dealing with that and scrubbing the bathroom down with bleach from top to bottom I didn't have anytime to work on the project I was planning on.

So with that said, this week's subject matter is ridiculously easy things I can do. I don't know about you but I like it when things are easy and quick. I do occasionally appreciate a challenge but for the most part I will do something a little quicker if the project is easy. There is no excuse not to do these things except maybe $$ to buy the supplies. But I had to share these creative ideas with you.

The first is a ceiling medallion wreath from Better Homes & Gardens. I'm mean spray paint and hang with coordinating ribbon, how much easier can it get?

Cereal boxes covered with fabric to create picture mats from Delightful Distractions. Could also do this with scrap paper, can make plain mats or colors like pictured. How clever, simple and cheap!!

Two ingredients for Pumpkin Cupcakes from Sweet Verbena. Just add cream cheese frosting. Can't wait to try these.

No quite easy, but possible, I'll take that.

These painted pine cones from Disney Family Fun are supposed to be a craft for kids, so to me that means it's easy. I love the look of this. Something kind of rustic but still colorful.

Hope these have inspired you to go out and get some quick and easy crafts done. Hopefully I can actually get something accomplished.

Have a blessed weekend!


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