Homemade Jewelry Holder

I've been busy with summer activities, taking the kids to the lake, park and school shopping. We just dropped Brenden off at camp last night, he's going to have a blast. This week I need to work on another baby shower gift for this coming Sunday. I will post it when it's done.

This is the result of school shopping. Brenden is entering the 6th grade and now has his own sense of style. Super Skinny Jeans, big colorful t-shirts, flat billed baseball caps, black rimmed glasses with no lenses and Vans. Never thought I'd say it, but ha kids these days. I didn't think it would start so early. But he's one stylin dude.

I'm hoping that this fall brings more crafting time. I have been working on our bedroom though and below is my latest creation. A jewelry holder. It's two bowls and a candle stick glued together and then spray painted. Can't remember where I saw this idea but I thought it was cute enough to make and now I don't have to keep all my bracelets and knick knacks in my side table drawer, which Hannah gets into all the time.

We also had our first harvest from our garden. Green Beans!!! We actually grew something that we can eat. These will be part of tonights dinner. I'm so excited!


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