A to Z, Get to know me better

I saw this idea on C.R.A.F.T. and thought it was a great idea. You can get to know me a little better and hopefully if you repost I can get to know you better.

A. age: 30 and loving it

B. bed size: queen

C. chore you hate: Dishes, it just never ends, 3+ meals a day, everyday!

D. dogs: none at the moment, love Boxers though    

E. essential start to your day: Breakfast  

F. favorite color: Teal/Aqua, at least at the moment   
G. gold or silver: silver

H. height: 5'9"


I. instruments you play: none
J. job title: domestic engineer

K. kids: 11 year old Brenden and 16 month old Hannah

L. live: Portland, OR

M. maiden name: M for Murray

N. nicknames: Punkin

O. overnight hospital stays: once when I was 4, I think I had Fifths disease or something and then twice with two births 

P. pet peeve: rolling the bag closed in the cereal box and many more I can't think of right now

Q. quote: "necessity is the mother of invention"

R. righty or lefty: righty 

S. siblings: 0 =[
T. time you wake up: My alarm is set for 8:15am now, trying to get Hannah on a new schedule slowly, she's a late sleeper. Will change though as soon as school starts, but I'm excited to get up earlier.

U. university attended: none, but I went to Ashmead School of Massage, even though I graduated I never got my license

V. vegetables you dislike: eggplant

W. what makes you run late: life  

X. x-rays you’ve had: broke my left arm with I was pregnant with Hannah, luckily I recovered right before she was born.

Y. yummy food: yes, it is. 

Z. zoo animal favorite: elephants   
If you decide to repost this on your blog, leave me a comment letting me know so I can get to know you better. =]


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