Teeny Tiny Hiney (homemade/ebay) Diaper review

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Today I'm doing a review on the cutest diaper I've purchased yet. While looking on ebay for diapers I ran across what I believe is a WAHM diaper from Teeny Tiny Hiney Cloth Diapers. They were a little more than what I was wanting to pay at the time but they were sooo cute I had to buy one. Boy am I glad I did. The diaper I purchased is a one size pocket diaper with matching bow. It has velcro closure with laundry tabs and an insert is included, all for $12.99 with free shipping. The seller was quick to respond to my questions and super quick shipping. I would have bought two but she already sold the first one I wanted. Hopefully she'll make another one soon.



So like the other diapers I went ahead and started it out with the toughest test, over night. I stuffed it with the included extra long insert and a bumgenius insert, with 12+ hours there were no leaks at all again. This diaper is much higher quality than the "china ebay" diapers that I've been getting and I was able to keep the fit on medium even with it double stuffed. It has velcro on the outer tab to cross over for smaller babies. It has fleece on the inside and adorable durable waterproof fabric on the outside. It has 3 rows of snaps to adjust the rise from Newborn to large. This diaper fit Hannah the best out of what I've purchased so far. It also has a set of extra snaps on the back/bottom to decrease the width size for smaller babies, I've never seen this before, great extra. It pretty much has all of the features that you would want in a diaper minus a double gusset.

I do however have two small concerns: 
1. I'm worried about the velcro holding up over time, it isn't the strongest velcro. But we'll just have to see, I never plan on drying it in the dryer so that should help.
2. As the bow is adorable, it was made with some curling ribbon and that easily crinkles so it doesn't look as good as it could with just regular ribbon only. But I did like the clip used even though Hannah already pulled it off the bow. But I just slid it back through the ribbon.

But besides those small things, I will buy more diapers from Teeny Tiny Hiney and I'm super excited that I found these diapers.


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  1. Those are cute. They would be a great shower gift.

    I am a new follower from "Circle of Bliss" Hope to get to know you before Nashville.