Cleaning Power Hour - What Finally Worked For Me

Cleaning Power Hour Series
Just Give It 15 Minutes

I love my blog because I can share more in depth info about my videos than I can in the video itself, or things I forget to talk about.

My latest series on YouTube is about how I clean my house now, get a lot done and have fun while doing it. Really the video just shows me cleaning so I thought I'd share more about what I actually do.

First, I've tried all kinds of cleaning routines, Fly Lady, CleanMama.net and tons of other cleaning schedules I've found on pinterest. I have nothing against any of those routines and think they are wonderful for a jumping off point and I know they have helped many people get their homes in order. My problem is I cannot fit into any one box. I would do great for a couple of days and then I'd be out of the house one day and miss cleaning that day and it would throw my whole schedule off and discourage me. I need variety, flexibility and I need to want to do something not be told I have to do it on a certain day.

So after a long time of trying all kinds of different methods I finally came up with something that works for me, my schedule and my house.

It's very simple, my house has 7 rooms and I give myself an hour most days, there are days where I'm gone all day so I start where I left off the next time I clean. I tackle 4 rooms a day at 15 minutes each. I set a timer and get done as much as I can in that 15 minutes as possible. It's enough time to get a lot done, is not overwhelming and kind of makes it a fun game to see how much I can get done in 15 minutes. Sometimes I go over if there is a big mess or I want to deep clean but that's what is great is I can make it work for what I want at the time.

My trick is I treat my house like a clock, so the first day I started, I tackled my laundry/mud room first which is on the end of my house, then I did the kitchen, living room and then my daughters room. I work in a circle, so that next day I would start where I left off, my son's room, the bathroom, our bedroom and then back to the laundry room. This way I start somewhere different everyday and I'm hitting the rooms multiple times a week so I'm staying on top of the mess. If there isn't much of a mess then I don't spend all 15 minutes, it either cuts my power hour time down or I dedicate more time to another room if needed.

The kitchen gets cleaned every day no matter what, I dedicate 10-15 minutes every night after everyone is in bed to get it tidied up for the next morning. The kitchen has always been a struggle for me and for most of our marriage it has gone uncleaned at night but when I finally buckled down and realized it just needed a short amount of time at night my reward was so great in the morning when I start my day with a clean kitchen!

I feel like this system has finally given me success and keeps me from getting bored. Homemaking and taking care of my family is my number one job and I want to enjoy it. Do I like cleaning no, but I do enjoy the fruits of my labor even though it usually only lasts 30 minutes before the kid/husband tornado hits, ;).

I hope that this idea helps you mix things up in your house and get out a cleaning rut like I was in. 

❤️ Heather

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bind my heart

bind my heart to the holy interests of that unseen world. - DOPP, John Baillie

S. Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed. John 20:29 - Streams in the Dessert Aug. 31

O. Sometimes God has to keep away encouraging results until we learn to trust without them.

A. I have to learn to look away from myself and trust God alone and then I will see that what God promises He will perform.

P. Father God, help me to put you first. Help me to put all of my trust in you. You will help me do things I thought impossible. Help me believe! Amen.

This fall is going to be full of things I would have thought impossible 5, 3, 1 year(s) ago. The biggest of which is I will be helping co-lead a mom's group at my church and I have to share my story in front of the women in a couple of weeks. At this point I don't even know what that story is or really how to summarize it. Accepting this role has brought about many emotions I didn't know were there. I feel beyond blessed to have even been considered for such a role but then it brings up all of those voices inside my head of how unworthy I am. So I wanted to stop by here today and share what I'm going through. The truth is, is that God has put me here for a reason it is not by mistake or coincidence, now I pray that I believe He will get me through and help me not continually beat myself up and doubt myself along the way. I am so grateful for the moms that have come along side me and that is one of my biggest reasons for being a part of this mom's group. Praying for a year of  meaningful togetherness, growth and support....and that I can figure out what I should talk about and that it makes sense!


early to bed early to rise

A wise writer says, "I look with wonder on that old time, and ask myself how it is that most of the things I suppose my father and mother built on, especially to mold me to a right manhood are forgotten and lost out of my life. But the things they hardly ever thought of—the shadow of blessing cast by the home, the tender, unspoken love, the sacrifices made and never thought of, it was so natural to make them—ten thousand little things so simple as to attract no notice—and yet so sublime as I look back at them—they fill my heart still and always, with tenderness when I remember them and my eyes with tears." - J.R. Miller Home-Making

My bed where she usually ends up in the late morning.

One of my biggest yearnings is for our home to be cozy and inviting. A place of refuge and comfort. A place that gives the children when they are grown a memory and feeling of warmth and safety. Perhaps they will also yearn to be back there some time and make it a goal to give this to their children.

One of my favorite moments is being in a cozy bed with a dim light on reading a book. Some how bedtime in our home has become quite the opposite of warm and cozy. Somewhere along the road we got completely off course and bedtime got later and later and became a mad dash to get the kids in bed. I've known for a long time that it was a mess but some how every night it was way too late again and we were rushing to get everyone in bed. Rushing around and bedtime do not go well together.

Recently we went a week with getting to bed on time and it was glorious! But it was still summer time and somehow we ended up getting back to a late bedtime. A late bedtime (9 or usually later) for our 3 and 5 year old never really mattered because they could sleep in until later. We weren't usually up early for anything so the kids always got plenty of sleep. But I have always secretly wished for a little more down time before I have to go to bed. The plan is if they go down earlier then I will too without feeling like I haven't had a wind down time.

Psalm 73:26 “My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”

With the new school year quickly approaching and a new commitment of needing to be somewhere before 9 am Monday through Friday I've vowed to get us on a better schedule. We have a little over a month to whip our bottoms into shape and by ours I mean my husband and I. Because let's face it we're the ones not sticking to our guns. Tonight was the first night of many nights ahead of wrapping up the evening in a calm blanket and slowly moving towards the bedrooms. 

With more time to get to bed things are much more calm. We do not do baths every night and sometimes they are during the day so we start our down time usually with a show (usually Caillou or Berenstein Bears). We like this because it gives the kids one last thing to enjoy, a wind down time and it's easy to see when it ends it's time to brush teeth, the kids understand it and they can't argue.
Then it's pj time, diaper changing, singing songs ( always "You Are My Sunshine" and "Jesus Loves Me"), then story time, prayers, kisses ( always counted for her and usually 19 and sometimes 5 extra), drinks of water and then night night. For the most part they stay in bed even though it is now 2 hours after we put them to bed and he is still awake. We all have to adjust.

Mama is looking forward to an earlier bedtime and getting up earlier. The plan is to get up earlier and get some Bible time in with a real Bible not laying in bed and doing devotions on my phone, which isn't a bad thing I just want to start journaling and making more of an effort, especially with the fall approaching. I'm just really looking forward to coffee, lit candles, pen, paper, Bible and time with my Teacher. Praying we keep this up!

Wishing for all of you a warm evening, sweet rest and refreshed soul.