Handmade Cards

Over the past couple of weeks I've been able to work on some cards for some upcoming holidays, my mother-in-law's birthday and Father's day. I also need to make one for Brenden's 11th birthday which falls on Father's day. Hopefully I can't get it done.

The Father's day cards both feature tractors something my father-in-law and husband love. The birthday card just came to me as I went along.

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Cloth diapers and wipes

Well I've reached a trying time in my crafting world, lol. Now that Hannah is 13 months I pretty much have no time to myself. She takes one less nap and she's all over the place getting into everything she shouldn't. I'm not complaining just stating why I haven't been blogging or crafting much. In fact, she throwing a fit right now because she's supposed to be taking a nap and is fighting it.

But besides that I've decided to dive into the cloth diaper world. I've been doing it for a couple of months now but just have lately committed more to it. So far though I still don't use cloth when we leave the house or at night. I haven't purchased a wet bag for on the go yet, but I have a bid in for one on ebay and I haven't attempted doubling up at night for extra absorbency. But we'll get there some day. But besides that cloth diapering is going well. I mostly use pre-folds with a cover but I have a couple all in one's and some fitted that I use with covers as well. I've purchased all of them and my Bummis pail liner used except the pre-folds. I've been using Borax to wash them but just the other day I purchased some Charlie's soap, which should last me over a year and a couple deodorizer discs which help the pail odor alot. The pail is just a 13 gallon trash can with a lid, it works really well. For the deodorizer discs I tied some twine around one and taped it to the outside of the pail so that it won't get lost in the pail liner and I can just move it out of the way when it's time to wash and then I just hang it back in when I put the liner back in. I have enough diapers right now to wash every 3 to 4 days which is pretty good.

I also decided that I wanted to use cloth wipes. I made them out of old receiving blankets, I bought 2 used for .99 cents each and then used some that I had, now I have 24 or so wipes which can just be washed with the diapers and pail liner. I got some special concentrate that you spray on the wipes to moisten them. The ingredients are much better than what is in wipes and it smells really good (lavender). What I like about the cloth wipes is that you use the wet side to clean and then you can use the other side to dry, so the baby is nice and dry before you put the diaper on unlike regular wipes. Please know though I would not be attempting any of this if I wasn't a SAHM because it is quite the commitment. But I enjoy it and it's going to save us lots of money in the long run and I'm building my supply so that I'm ready for our next little one.

I want to start purchasing more pocket diapers because they are lot easier but those things run anywhere from $13 to $22 for 1 brand new diaper and $8 to $10 used. So over time I might purchase a used one here and there but I found some brand new pockets diapers on Ebay that are much less. I looked on youtube for reviews and so far all of the reviews are good. They say they are not quite as absorbent but they haven't had a problem and when you can get them for under $5 brand new, I'm game. Plus they are all so cute. So I just have purchased one so far to check them out, they have several different brands on ebay and they are all from China, I hate not buying USA made but I'm poor so there you go. I paid .99 cents plus $2.99 shipping. Usually I look for free shipping but I keep losing the bids because I don't want to pay over $5 a diaper and they keep going for more. I might have to up it to $6 or $7 which is still a good deal with free shipping. Anyhoo, I will do a review on the diaper I got when it finally gets here, probably a month or so being realistic.

So here are the cloth wipes that I made, they are double layered receiving blankets about 9 inches square and you can fold them to put in a wipes box to pop up like other wipes. Like I said I store them dry and spray them with the BumBum spray when I use one.

If anyone has any questions on cloth diapering I would be glad to share what I know and what I do. I've learned most of everything online.

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Bit of a slump/Pink salad

I haven't really been doing any projects since Hannah's b-day. I'm in kind of a slump but I want to start something so I'm going to take a look at my to-do list and commit to something. 

However I did want to post a yummy recipe for a salad that I made for Hannah's party. I always make something called "Orange Salad" for Thanksgiving. I wanted something similar for Easter but I wanted it to be pink for Hannah's party. So I pretty much took the orange salad recipe and altered it to make a pink salad. I knew I would use strawberries and added bananas for the pink and yellow theme. I knew that cottage cheese wouldn't go good with those fruits so I just took it out. It turned out great and it was beyond simple.

Sorry I don't have a picture but it's pretty much a bowl of pink fluff.

Pink Salad

1 tub of cool whip (which ever kind you prefer) I think mine was lite
strawberries cut to small pieces
bananas sliced
1 box strawberry jello

put all fruit into a bowl
add cool whip
add dry jello

After mixing I transferred it to a prettier bowl, but it's your choice.

Hope you enjoy this salad, this is definitely a new fave.