Bit of a slump/Pink salad

I haven't really been doing any projects since Hannah's b-day. I'm in kind of a slump but I want to start something so I'm going to take a look at my to-do list and commit to something. 

However I did want to post a yummy recipe for a salad that I made for Hannah's party. I always make something called "Orange Salad" for Thanksgiving. I wanted something similar for Easter but I wanted it to be pink for Hannah's party. So I pretty much took the orange salad recipe and altered it to make a pink salad. I knew I would use strawberries and added bananas for the pink and yellow theme. I knew that cottage cheese wouldn't go good with those fruits so I just took it out. It turned out great and it was beyond simple.

Sorry I don't have a picture but it's pretty much a bowl of pink fluff.

Pink Salad

1 tub of cool whip (which ever kind you prefer) I think mine was lite
strawberries cut to small pieces
bananas sliced
1 box strawberry jello

put all fruit into a bowl
add cool whip
add dry jello

After mixing I transferred it to a prettier bowl, but it's your choice.

Hope you enjoy this salad, this is definitely a new fave.

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