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Dibs!: “Discover Fluffy Style” Tiny Tush Giveaway!: "I'm so excited to have been chosen to help Tiny Tush launch their new prints! The prints are Limited Edition and there are only a certain..."


Diaper Pail Liners

I'm super excited because I just got my Cricut Expression as a gift from my mom last week and have been busy playing around and having fun with that. I'll be posting my new projects coming soon. But today I wanted to do a couple of reviews that I've been meaning to do.

The first is diaper pail liners. The first diaper pail liner I purchased was a used Bummis xtra-large pail liner in purple. I found this at Piccolina, a baby resale shop in Portland. I paid $7.50 for it and it was well worth it. The pail liner has a drawstring closure and the fabric and PUL are very durable. I see this lasting very long even with bi-weekly washings. The only downfall to this liner is that there's no where to put the deo-disk. But I improvised but sinching the drawstring around the deo-disk and letting it hang inside the pail. So it did end up working out. In the picture below I don't have a deo-disk in because I'm trying out the Rockin' Green Shake It Up deodorizer and so far I can't tell that it's working so once it runs out which will be pretty quick for what I paid, I'll go back to the deo-disks which just help to mask the horrible odor but they last around 2 weeks.

So my next liner is of course my favorite. I happened to find this while I was just browsing youtube cloth diaper videos. Not every online store sells them but I think it's the best. It's the Leslie's Boutique pail liner. It's less expensive than a Planet Wise, fits the same, has adorable colors, has a handle to hang if needed and the best part is, it has a fleece pouch to store your deo-disk or to apply scented oils to help with the odor. So far this bag seems like it will hold up for a long time as well. I puchased it from the Cloth Diaper Superstore for $17.95. The only werid thing about it is the PUL is on the outside, but it doesn't affect how the bag works.