Cleaning Power Hour - What Finally Worked For Me

Cleaning Power Hour Series
Just Give It 15 Minutes

I love my blog because I can share more in depth info about my videos than I can in the video itself, or things I forget to talk about.

My latest series on YouTube is about how I clean my house now, get a lot done and have fun while doing it. Really the video just shows me cleaning so I thought I'd share more about what I actually do.

First, I've tried all kinds of cleaning routines, Fly Lady, CleanMama.net and tons of other cleaning schedules I've found on pinterest. I have nothing against any of those routines and think they are wonderful for a jumping off point and I know they have helped many people get their homes in order. My problem is I cannot fit into any one box. I would do great for a couple of days and then I'd be out of the house one day and miss cleaning that day and it would throw my whole schedule off and discourage me. I need variety, flexibility and I need to want to do something not be told I have to do it on a certain day.

So after a long time of trying all kinds of different methods I finally came up with something that works for me, my schedule and my house.

It's very simple, my house has 7 rooms and I give myself an hour most days, there are days where I'm gone all day so I start where I left off the next time I clean. I tackle 4 rooms a day at 15 minutes each. I set a timer and get done as much as I can in that 15 minutes as possible. It's enough time to get a lot done, is not overwhelming and kind of makes it a fun game to see how much I can get done in 15 minutes. Sometimes I go over if there is a big mess or I want to deep clean but that's what is great is I can make it work for what I want at the time.

My trick is I treat my house like a clock, so the first day I started, I tackled my laundry/mud room first which is on the end of my house, then I did the kitchen, living room and then my daughters room. I work in a circle, so that next day I would start where I left off, my son's room, the bathroom, our bedroom and then back to the laundry room. This way I start somewhere different everyday and I'm hitting the rooms multiple times a week so I'm staying on top of the mess. If there isn't much of a mess then I don't spend all 15 minutes, it either cuts my power hour time down or I dedicate more time to another room if needed.

The kitchen gets cleaned every day no matter what, I dedicate 10-15 minutes every night after everyone is in bed to get it tidied up for the next morning. The kitchen has always been a struggle for me and for most of our marriage it has gone uncleaned at night but when I finally buckled down and realized it just needed a short amount of time at night my reward was so great in the morning when I start my day with a clean kitchen!

I feel like this system has finally given me success and keeps me from getting bored. Homemaking and taking care of my family is my number one job and I want to enjoy it. Do I like cleaning no, but I do enjoy the fruits of my labor even though it usually only lasts 30 minutes before the kid/husband tornado hits, ;).

I hope that this idea helps you mix things up in your house and get out a cleaning rut like I was in. 

❤️ Heather

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