Tye Die Cake

This past weekend was a big weekend for our family. Saturday was my 30th birthday and Sunday was Brenden's 11th and Father's Day. Saturday we kept it low key and got dinner from a local mexican restaurant that I love, I opted for German Chocolate Cake from Cold Stone instead of a cake and watched True Grit at home, good re-make. It rained all day anyways. Pretty much since it was my birthday I didn't want to cook or bake.=]

But on Brenden's birthday/Father's Day we had the family over for a bbq, cake and ice cream. I wanted to do something different for the cake. I've been seeing alot of the rainbow cakes lately so I thought I'd try that. I did mine a little differently by putting it in a bundt pan, it turned out more tye die, but great and was sooo easy. The top did stick in the pan but I just took a serrated knife and cut the top flat, it actually helped you see the cool colors better. Brenden loved the colors and everyone loved the cake.

2 white cake box mixes
gel food coloring

tub cool whip
1 box vanilla pudding

Mix cake mixes as usual. Separate evenly into 6 different bowls, each was around a cup.
Add food coloring to desired color, it took quite alot to get the vivid colors. It was brighter in person than on camera.

Layer colors with desired amount into desired pan/pans.
Bake at 350 for 40-50 min, depending on pan size.

For frosting, thaw cool whip, add dry pudding mix, mix well.

The cake itself was super soft and moist so I just dobbed some frosting on top and called it good. Joe said this was the best cake I've ever made, the colors make it taste better. But again, it's all Betty.

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