Crafting Schedule...Too much to do, not enough hours in the day.

In a previous post I talked about having a schedule to dedicate certain days to certain crafts in hopes that I can get alot done, not get bored and have plenty to blog about. Below is my list of days and what I hope to accomplish.

Mondays will be my scrapbooking day, I've gotten way behind on Hannah's baby book which is my main scrapbooking project. If I don't dedicate a day to this I will never get all of the pages done and I want to get to the point where I can scrap about recent events.

Tuesdays will be dedicated to sewing, I have so many ideas and so much fabric but I never commit. So this will be my day to create those ideas and learn.

Wednesdays will be card making. This is the craft that I do the most. It's super easy, quick and there are no limits. I usually have everything I already need and I always need a card for something. But alot of the time, the holiday or special event will sneak up on me and I won't have time to create something cool. So I have a whole list of cards I need to make and I want dedicate Wednesdays to that.

Thursdays will be for my repurposing/decorating ideas. This is one of my favorite things as well but it's usually the slowest to come to fruition. Usually because I don't have the items needed on hand and when your on a one income budget I usually can't just run to the craft, thrift or home improvement store to get what I need. This is super frustrating, because when I see something cool or have great idea I want to get started right away, one because I'm excited and two because I don't want to forget about it.

Fridays will be for baking, mainly because this way we have something tasty for the weekends and with fall coming up we'll be with family more and I like to share and get opinions.
For Saturday and Sunday I will just go with the flow.

Another topic I want to start sharing more, is my coupon finds. Pretty much every week since I started couponing with the exception of the past two I've found great deals for super cheap and free things and I've even made pennies on the dollar on some. I would like to start sharing these finds. Not like the couponing websites do with links to coupons and stores but just what I found to show you the savings possibilities.

For example one of my greatest purchases was at Albertson's (I only go here for free stuff). But I needed some cool whip, so I got a large tub of store brand cool whip, a loaf of Franz bread (usually can't afford this) and two boxes of pasta, all for .99 cents!! With a little preparation you can save alot of money.

So, hopefully this fall my blog will be in full swing with lots of different things. At least that's the plan.


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