So much for camp

While at Craft Warehouse yesterday I got a call from the camp nurse letting me know that Brenden had had an accident. While playing capture the flag in the dark he jumped off of a 10ft rock and severely sprained both of his ankles. The left worse than the right. At first the nurse said he was in good spirits and wanted to stay and I agreed that he should but then around 7pm we got the call to come get him. The pain was getting worse and he wasn't able to do any of the fun activities so he was bored and down in the dumps. I'm glad they called because he was in a lot more pain than I had realized.

But this morning he's doing a lot better. He's able to put more weight on his ankles. The swelling is going down. He'll be back up and running before we know it. The postitives are that he didn't break anything, he won't miss picture day/registration at school now and the camp said they would give us a credit to apply to next summer.

Now to get going on that baby shower gift. Have a great one!


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