Bedroom projects complete...for now.

I finally finished all of the projects I had set up for the bedroom. This last one took awhile because I had to order vinyl and then have the guts to finally cut and apply the vinyl. Had I known it was so easy I would have done it a long time ago. This was probably one of the easiest projects I've done.

I was very proud of it, but come to find out my husband is not very fond of it. He likes the idea but not the saying and that was what I liked the most, I thought it was cute. Does your husband ever not like a craft or decoration you make? If so, do you say tough I worked hard on that and it's staying or do you find a way to change it? My husband has always wanted a say in the decorating of the house and he usually did. Until I became a full-time homemaker. Once that happened I felt it was my job to decorate and make the house a home. Obviously he gets input on big decisions like furniture, wall colors and things of that nature but when it comes to things on the wall and other little decorations I don't even ask, I just do. Usually this works out great, but not always. My husband is very supportive of what I do and doesn't want to hurt my feelings, but it's hard not to let it hurt a little when you worked hard on something and it was your idea. How do you handle it if someone criticizes your crafty work? I would love comments.

So for now this is staying. Simply because I'm not ordering more vinyl right now to replace it. Maybe we can find something that we can both agree on or maybe not. All I know is that it fills an empty space on a big wall and everytime I see it, I think it's cute.

The frame was a frame I had from a previous picture, it was originally gold and I spray painted it black. It also hung vertically originally so I attached some saw tooth hangers to make it hang horizontally. I took out all of the backing and used my cricut to cut the vinyl and applied it with cheap contact paper I got at Walmart. I like our wall color so much (Behr Aqua Smoke) that I wanted it to show through.

The candle stick above was originally brown from Salvation Army 1/2 price day, spray painted antique white, the blue vase in front from SA too, the jewelry holder is bowls and a candle stick glued and spray painted from Goodwill, the other vase is just there temporarily, the two picture frames are from Marshall's and the vase behind them is from Walmart, this was purchased years ago before I had a vision, but the colors go good enough for this room.

I decided to take more pictures of the bedroom and the other projects I did.
Below to the left you see my first cricut project, I might eventually update the colors for this one because after I made it this the room starting going in a different direction. The picture above the bed, is something I found on clearance at Michael's for $3.00 down from $34.99. It wasn't exactly what I had envisioned for our room, but for $3, I thought it would work. I actually love the yellow, teal and grey. I almost used grey on the J & H and now wish I had; to tie it together. We just happened to have a huge frame that we received free from our church when they were redecorating one of there offices (this is also how we got one of our free unmatching couches). It originally had a world map with purples and greens (totally 90's) and the frame was brown, I just spray painted it black and it worked great for my cheap find at Michael's. Pretty much any store I go into I always check the clearance area, I've found some pretty cool stuff, usually it's junk or still not cheap enough for me but you never know.

I plan on adding more yellow and grays throughout time, I just found a hole in our sheets so I'll be getting new sheets soon, we'll see what color I can find inexpensively. Homer adds a touch of yellow, lol. This is my husbands doll, that sounds bad, but Hannah loves playing with it (he sings and dances) on weekend mornings when we all lay in bed together.

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