Hanging more pictures

Another wall covered! This wall is directly across from the one I posted yesterday. It is above our couch. I would have included it in the picture, but it doesn't match anything. We're waiting to see if we can get our huge lovely sectional in the house when we have our front window replaced, because the sectional wouldn't fit through any of the doors. But that will only work, if we get a window that can be opened and panels removed, so we'll see. So for now we have two couches that were free and don't match. If our sectional is a no go than I will invest in slip covers but I want to hold off for now.

Eventually I will repaint some of these frames, especially the brown ones but this has been a project that I really wanted to do and didn't want to wait on painting, I just wanted something up on the wall. I might even add to this in the future and maybe even switch out some frames but for now it fills a huge open space and Hannah loves looking at the pictures.

It was really weird, because I found this verse and really liked it so I decided to put it on the wall. This was a few days ago. Then this morning I was listening to an old Dennis Jernegen worship tape and at the beginning of the tape he talks about this verse. I was blown away and felt that God showed me this verse for a reason.


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