ABC Scripture Challenge Word #1, Anchor

Welcome to the ABC Scripture Challenge. I found this challenge on Patter Cross's blog Triple the Scraps recently while perusing some blogs I follow. Around that time I was looking for something fun to do and here this was. A way for me to craft, study the bible and share it on my blog. I'm starting very late in the year but Patter has the inlinkz up for quite a while so I have time to catch up and post my thoughts and pages. The challenge is to study a word in the bible from each letter of the alphabet, share your thoughts on the verse or verses you find that pertain to that word and create a memory page about that word and scripture. Patter announces the new words that you are to study.

Challenge Word #1 Anchor

To me an anchor can mean to be secure, whether it's not moving because the anchor is set or the feeling of safety. My anchor in this storm called life is God. He gives me security when I cannot find it any other place.

Another way I look at the word anchor is by thinking of my faith. Had I not been anchored with my strong faith in my early adolescence, I wouldn't have had it to turn back to after years of trying to control my own life without God and failing miserably. That anchor of faith kept me grounded and though I strayed far away, when I was ready I was able to follow that rope back to find my anchor, Jesus.

It is God who arms me with strength and keeps my way secure.

2 Samuel 22:33


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