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Wednesdays will be dedicated to Wildcard, which means anything goes, or Wordless Wednesdays if I have nothing new to blog about and just want to post pictures.

Today I so happen to have something I want to blog about. I wanted to share a few more things from the baby shower that I haven't posted yet.
The first is the banner that I made. This was one of the first things I made, I was so excited to get started I did it before the invitations. It's very simple, just made from scrap paper that I had picked up from that scrapbooking store that's going out of business while things were 50% off. Then some ribbon. I used zig zag scissors to cut the triangles, my big kick for the scalloped squares and a circle punch for the circles obviously. =] I printed off the letters from the computer.
 One site I want to share is dafont.com, I use them for all of my funky fonts. I am currently using Open Office for my text documents and they have a limited supply of fonts so I just download dafonts free fonts and then I have some awesome fonts. Ask me if you need to know how to get the fonts onto your computer and use them. Back to the banner, then I used the monkey stamp to tie everything together.

Another thing I wanted to share was the advice/tips jar. I got this idea from She's Crafty. It was super cute I just had to do it. I pretty much copied everything with what materials I either had or found at the Dollar Tree. I'm now using the tip jar that came with a lid as a salt container in the kitchen. The white pot which I had to spray paint white is still in limbo for it's next purpose.

Then a better pic of the pom poms I made that never got hung. =[ They were so cute.

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I think that's finally it for the baby shower! 

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