Weird weekend

Well I've been away for a few days because Thursday I ended up getting a bacterial infection in my throat and by Friday morning I had a fever so I wasn't exactly feeling like doing much more than sleeping. Thank God for amoxicillan (sp?) and my husband I was back up and running, slowly, by Sunday.

We also ended up losing our power Sunday around 4pm and it wasn't back on until 7:20 the next morning. There was some sort of weird wind/rain surge that lasted 5 minutes or so maybe not even that long and blew through our area knocking over big trees and other things. It was crazy but thankfully my in-laws live 2 minutes away so we were able to have a hot dinner and we have a gas stove so we can stay warm without electricity and we have camping gear so light wasn't a problem. What was a problem though was sleeping, we sleep with a fan so it was rough trying to sleep in silence and then we also live in the country so when the power is off it it pitch black so every time I woke up I couldn't see anything and poor Hannah didn't like it either. But thanks to the hard working people at PGE we were back up and running the next morning.

So anyways, my whole daily blogging idea probably won't work this week. I haven't been able to do anything really. But like I said before I knew I wouldn't get to this everyday or maybe every week for that matter. I don't have anything tasty to share today but hopefully as the week goes on I'll have more fun stuff to blog about. Until then I hope you all have a great day. Off to clean and try to catch up  from being down a few days.

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