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Just finished cleaning the laundry room, kitchen and bathroom so I'm allowing myself to blog now.

So if you read earlier you know that I made cupcakes for a baby shower. I knew I was going to need something to display them on and my recent cake stand find from Ross wasn't going to be enough and I wasn't going to spend another $15 (still a good bargain) on another cake stand that I really wouldn't need. So I decided I was going to do what I've seen everyone do and make my own stand. I ended up going to Goodwill and Salvation Army and finding everything, the whole stand was under $10. It could have been less had I gone to Salvation Army the day before on their 1/2 off day, but what do you do? The only mistake I made was the adhesive I used, I used the Gorilla glue that puffs up and dries white, also this morning I discovered the bottom piece came unglued so I'm going to scrape off the Gorilla glue and use glass glue. I had to use a box cutter to scrape the excess glue off and then used some ribbon to hide the glue that you can see through the glass. I was going to spray paint the glass white but I really liked the way it looked clear and I think the ribbon added something to it, especially for the shower. Also because you can see through the top plate and see glue I took some parchment paper and cut out a scallop with my Big Kick and stuck it to the top and it turned out great! This was super fun and now I'm using it to put fruit on.

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  1. I just finished making some glass totems for my garden out of thrift store glassware. I used E9000 glue and I'm waiting to see if it will hold or not. If not, I'm going to try clear silicone. I love your cupcake holder.

    I'll try to get my pics posted on my blog at www.grandmabsimpleliving.blogspot.com. Hope you'll check it out.

  2. This is very clever. I've done several of the topiaries that everyone was doing last fall, but I really like this idea. I used hot glue for the topiaries, but have since heard that the E9000 glue is the best & will be getting some of that. I can see you are very new to blogland, so welcome. I'm a new follower, & I hope you will check out my blog & follow back if you find it interesting.