Felt Flower Spring Wreath

Ok so depsite my post yesterday I guess I have been more crafty than I gave myself credit for. I finished this wreath a few days ago but just have posted it yet. I'm going back to my old format of posting whatever I want on whatever days. This will flow better for me.

So here's the wreath.

I wanted something simple but springy. I picked up the wreath for under $2 and had all of the felt and buttons already on hand. This was super simple, quick and fun. It really adds something to the front door.

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  1. I'm in love with this!! I just bought a wreath and still haven't decided on what type I want to make. You did a great job.


  2. Cute wreath! What lively colors! I don't blame you for going back to posting whatever whenever. I tried to adhere to some wacky schedule once on a different blog, and I gave up on it, too. Too restricting!

    I haven't done much of anything springy around my house. I've been trying to build up enough motivation/engergy to spring clean. Plus, I need to do some sewing quick before my sister has her baby in April.