Hello all, I've decided that Thursdays will be dedicated to Thankful Thursdays, Thoughtful Thursdays or Thrifty Thursdays depending on what's going on that week. Today will be a Thankful Thursday.

Some friends of ours, Jeff and Errin gave us one of the most useful baby gifts that still gets used everyday, a swing. Little Hannah pretty much cannot nap unless she is in the swing or being held. But this was no ordinary swing, it was customized just for Hannah. This was an old swing that they had still from when their children were babies. They could have just given it to us as is and we wouldn't have complained, it still worked great but it had boy colors and Errin wasn't about to let little Hannah use a boy swing, lol. So Jeff cleaned it up and gave it a fresh coat of paint. Errin who must be a master seamstress made a brand new cover with colors that matched Hannah room. The cover fits like a glove, it has elastic string and hook that fit through the holes of the swing so it stays put, it has pockets for removal padding near the head which is awesome for when I've had to wash it, it has holes for the strap and buckle which she made with pink strap, this thing was completely redone and done beautifully. Errin even made a matching patchwork blanket to go with it. The blanket still gets used daily and is currently in Hannah's crib with her at night. And to top it off when Jeff delivered it he brought a brand new pack of batteries to go along!

I wanted everyone to see Jeff and Errin's crafty work and show how thankful I was for this gift.
See how beautiful.


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