Weaver Interlock: Pre-k Week 6

((Hannah is 4))
((Danny is 2))
((Weaver Interlock Curriculum))

This week started with finishing up the week before, week five's lesson. We had one more day of studying clouds. We were able to go on a nice walk around the neighborhood, there were only a couple of clouds this time. They were in the far right distance and I didn't get a picture.  They were literally the only clouds in the sky.

Here's what the set up looked like prior to the lesson. That way I can go over everything real quick and get the supplies ready to go to keep school time quick.

Here Hannah is counting on her number line up to twenty. This week she actually learned to count to 29, we use the 100 days of school chart to continue counting above 20.

A week or two ago she painted a picture of the sky. The lesson told us to save it for a future project which we completed here. She glued cottons balls on to represent clouds, her cotton balls went in a row. She's very orderly, this one.

We of course did more Hooked on Phonics. We got to make a kooky K and lightening L. 

More number tracing, she is much more willing to try this now. She does still prefer to do it on a dry erase board over paper.

Danny and I had a rare snuggle time this week in bed. He never sits still long enough to cuddle and he's not really the snuggle type. So this was extra special.

On the Tuesday that we go to our therapy sessions we have about 45 minutes to spare while Danny is in his speech therapy that comes after physical therapy. So Hannah and I had another little date at a local coffee shop.

The next weeks lesson, week 6, was about how God created dry land. So of course I had to pull out my fancy vintage globe to show where all the dry land is compared to the water.

More number tracing and review.

 I am very proud of the hand writing for this 26-29.Compared to the 20's she traced on paper these are so much more clear, I think the smoothness of the dry erase really helps her.

We talked some about rocks during this weeks lesson. So we go to go outside and collect some. They are pictured to the left of the Hooked On Phonics book. This weeks HOP lesson was about review and rhyming sounds.

We had a very productive week this week. Weaver is such a blessing. We are learning so much and spending wonderful time bonding.

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