Five Friday Faves: September's Instagrams

Welcome to Five Friday Faves! 

It's been a long time since I've done a series like this but I think I'm ready to start again. Each Friday I want to share pictures of some things that I am loving at the moment. This week includes my five favorite Instagrams from September and why I love them.

Our first day of homeschool preschool started off with great success. I woke up early, ran on the treadmill, showered and got completely ready for the day and had my some Bible time and coffee all before the kids woke up. Yeah, well that was the only morning all of that happened. Each day after that I got up later and later and low and behold I was getting sick. I had a horrible cough so I wasn't able to run for 3 weeks. It's now October and I still haven't started the routine again. But it's a dream of mine. This picture is a reminder of that blissful morning. I guess it would help if I got to bed before 11!

This picture will forever remind me of the excitement we both had for her first day of pre-k. What a special time in our lives.

Our first week of pre-k included a homeschool mama meet-up. We got to take some professional pictures but mama had to get some of her own. My candid cuties.

Another exciting event that took place in September is that Hannah is now an official Awana Cubbie. I remember going to Awanas when I was about her age and I remember how fun it was. She is having a blast learning scripture, playing games, doing crafts and meeting new friends. I'm so proud of her!

This picture is very special to me. I haven't talked much about it on the blog but Danny attends physical therapy and speech therapy for his delays from being 6 weeks early and Hannah attends occupational therapy for what we've recently discovered is Sensory Processing Disorder. We go to therapy every Tuesday for an hour and 45 min. But this day Hannah's therapist wasn't able to make it in so we got to have a special mommy daughter date while Danny did his therapy. We ran an errand, I got a Starbucks coffee and she got a cake pop and then we headed to Goodwill for some vintage thrifting, a favorite hobby of mine. I was unsuccessful that morning but she made out great, she ended up with a pink Barbie car, 2 books and a cute shirt from Crazy8. It was so fun to spend time with my special girl.