Weaver Interlock: Pre-K Week 5

((Hannah is 4))
 ((Danny is 2))
 ((Weaver Interlock Curriculum))

We had a little bit of an off week for the fifth week of preschool. We ended up getting a day or two behind because I got sick and needed rest time instead of school time. Another thing I love about preschool homeschool. There was no need to worry about missing a day or two and there is plenty of time to get caught up.

Our Weaver Interlock lesson was about how God created air on the second day of creation. We also learned about wind and clouds. On the day that we were supposed to go for a walk and look at clouds it was a wonderfully beautiful day with not a cloud in the sky, lol. But we enjoyed our walk anyways. Luckily we had some good books on clouds. 

My favorite books so far this year have been from the series "Let's-Read-And-Find-Out Science" We have used several of these already in our lessons. They are easy to read, very informative and have great illustrations.


Hannah is just whizzing along in her Get Ready for the Code book. We just do two pages a day two times a week.

As well as her Hooked on Phonics lessons. I'm still so happy that I found something that is quick and simple but is really teaching her.

The past three times we have gone outside to play we had a friend visit us. He was in a different spot every time but in the same general area of the yard. This time he was at the bottom of the slide. He nearly escaped his death as Danny slid down the slide landing millimeters in front of him. I grabbed a branch and moved him onto the slide to get some photos. I eventually moved him to another part of the yard hoping to prevent his death or injury.

Even though I was not feeling well this week we ended up getting alot of learning time in. Hannah now knows how to count to 20 even though Interlock only wants her to count to 19. Looking forward to what each new week brings. 

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