Hooked on Phonics Pre-K Edition Review

I don't know about you but I very clearly remember the Hooked on Phonics commercials from the 90's. "Hooked on Phonics worked for me!" But I had no idea they were still around until recently.

When I decided that I was going to homeschool my littles, I quickly realized that researching curriculum was going to be one of the best parts, as least for me. I started researching well before a year prior to starting our preschool year. I really wasn't sure where to start with phonics, there are many programs out there and they all have very different approaches. I kept hearing about Hooked on Phonics through different sources but didn't realize they are still in business and that so many people use the program. I happened upon a youtube "curriculum choice" video where the mom highly praised HOP and showed some of what comes in the package and why her kids loved it. After that I was pretty much sold on giving it a go for our preschool year.

After ordering it I anxiously awaited the package to arrive on my doorstep. Once I opened it I was even more excited. I knew that Hannah would love the colorful workbooks, story book, flash cards, progress posters, stickers, DVD and CD-ROM. I loved the idea of an easy to follow program, with everything included and a great parents guide.

Our schedule consists of two pages a day when working on a letters and one page a day when working on review or new concepts. We use the program two days a week.

Hannah really likes the activities for the letter pages, she gets to do something different everytime. We end the lesson with working on the CD-ROM. She really enjoys the music and games.

On the review days or new concepts days we work with the workbook, flash cards and CD-ROM, we have fun playing card games with the flash cards. We love the mommy, daughter time of playing games and learning at the same time.

The program is easy to follow, fun and the most important and exciting thing is Hannah is really learning her alphabet frontwards and backwards and all of the phonetic sounds. This being our first official year of homeschooling it really helps boost my confidence to have a well laid out program like Hooked on Phonics. I definitely plan on using the program for future years and recommend it to my homeschooling friends.

This review is based solely on my own opinions, I'm not being compensated to provide this review. I just like this program and wanted to share my experience with others.

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