Weaver Interlock: Pre-K Week 3

((Hannah is 4))
((Danny is 2)) 

This week we concentrated on putting on our listening ears and looking eyes. I decided to let Hannah use silly putty and masa flour in a pan to have some sensory work to help her listen. It actually worked quite well. She kept her hands busy which freed up her ears to listen better. The Weaver lesson focused on the first day of creation, how God made light and how light provides colors.

We worked on patterning, which is an area that she hasn't quite grasped yet. We also concentrated on the concept of one.

As we get further in the Get Ready for the Code book the handwriting is getting easier. She's getting more confidence which makes her more willing to do the work.

She absolutely loves Hooked on Phonics. The lessons are super quick, brightly colored and the cd-rom takes it to another level of fun for her. 

We worked on counting to ten with manipulatives. She really enjoyed working with all of the bright colors and different textures. She has counting to ten down.

 She got to do some fun painting with a rainbow of colors, the finished product is mostly brown from all of the color mixing.

Random cuteness at the park.

Hannah had her first official week at Awanas. She is having a blast and is soooo good at memorizing. I'm totally shocked at how well she is doing. It's very exciting. We work in her workbook twice a week and then work on the memorizing the rest of the week and I drill her on the way to the meeting. I love the lessons that Awanas teaches and the fun environment they provide.

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