Weaver Interlock: Pre-k Week 2

((Hannah is 4))
((Danny is 2))

The second week of preschool flew by. It was a lighter week as far as Weaver was concerned. The main topic this week was the Trinity and how the Father, Son and Holy Spirit all helped in the making of our world. I had never actually paid attention to this detail of creation so it was enlightening to me.

We started off with helping mommy fold the laundry. This took alot of concentration. We did many activities that focused on helping.

We worked on learning biggest to smallest. 

We used our bodies to express smallest and largest.

 I created a chore chart like the one you might have seen on here.
As the child is done they flip up the tab and it says "done". This is a great, simple and motivating way to get little ones to start helping around the house. The yellow chart is for morning, it includes making the bed, putting clothes in the hamper, brushing hair and teeth. The blue chart is for the evening, it includes picking up toys, putting clothes in the hamper, brushing teeth and going potty before bed. This really helps with setting a routine and gaining responsibilities.

Working on more activities for biggest to smallest.

Working on her preschool workbook.

Doing her phonics work in her Get Ready for the Code book. I love these books! It really drills in the letter and the phonics sound. She is picking it up very quickly. The only downfall is all of the handwriting. This is a an area of major struggle for her. I'm not concerned but it's just difficult when the workbook requires so much, but we get through it. 

The weather is still super warm here so we're making sure to have a lot of outside time and we picked some plums and had a snack.

All in all it was a great week. We actually skipped Wednesday's lesson and moved it to Thursday. Luckily the lessons are so light we just added it to Thursday with our phonics and workbook work. We're having a blast so far.

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