Weaver Interlock: Pre-K Week 4

((Hannah is 4))
((Danny is 2))

This weeks Interlock lesson was all about how God made light and how light relates to shadows, reflection and colors. There are not any pictures that really reflect this part of the lesson. Most of the pictures cover our math lessons.

Hannah shocked me when she diligently traced her number worksheet.

We had a morning of errands and park time so we grabbed some quick lunch and then came home to go some school. Here she was working on a family color book. She colored a page for every member of the family and their favorite colors. This will be a cute keepsake.

Danny got in some computer time. This was his first time sitting at the desk by himself. He can't really do anything yet but had fun watching the screen.

Hannah was successful at her first alphabet dot-to-dot. Then she decided to color it. She does this thing where she lines up each color and then colors a little bit with each color as she goes down the line. The picture ends up looking like a rainbow. She's very particular about this.

More number tracing. I've learned that she will do the tracing if I put it in her dry erase activity board. This is helping build her handwriting skill confidence which is great.

Some outside time, we've had a little bit of rain so far but not too much so we're trying to get out as much as possible.

The last Friday that we did school we weren't able to finish everything so I made sure to add it into the next week. As part of the light lesson we learned about sight. How we wouldn't be able to see without light. We also learned about Helen Keller and her accomplishments. Another part of that lesson was learning about Braille. Here I wrote Hannah's name with Braille dots and added the glass beads so that Hannah could feel each letter of her name. Pretty neat idea.

Here we used the glass beads to work on our math lesson. We worked on counting to 10.

 She really loved playing with the glass beads.

Sammy square says "hi"! He is Sammy square and he has four sides.

More tracing, she kept asking to do this. Who am I to say no?

Another successful week in the books. I can't believe the first month of preschool is over! That flew by fast. We aren't doing everything I planned like being out of the house every morning like we were over the summer. I quickly realized that the summer was different because there was no school so once I was able to be home I could clean and do other things as time permitted but now that we've added school to our day I have less time to clean among other things. But we still go with the flow.