Pray, Pray and then Pray again.

Here I am o Lord, here my prayer.

Change is on the horizon with the ever creeping fall season. We decided months ago that Hannah would be going to public school this fall and with that brings much change. The house will be missing two little feet running around all day, it will be quieter and both of us will gain a little breathing room in different aspects.

Danny will still be at home and I'm looking forward to spending some one on one time with him. I just realized that I got to have Hannah to myself up until she was two and now I get to have Danny for two years to myself until he heads off to Kindergarten.

I'm trying to spend this time preparing for the fall, reflecting on how far we've come, soaking up the summer with these little precious people and peaking over the horizon to what is next.

Change is coming as it always is and all I can do is pray...pray pray pray.

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