Tot School - Beach Theme / Creation Day 3...a week late

This week was a little off, we didn't do much of Tot School because Sissy spent her first week at VBS for 2 1/2 hours every morning. She absolutely loved it. She had so much fun making crafts, listening to new music and meeting new friends.

The theme this week for Tot School was beach theme, it was very loose. We kind of continued from the ocean them the week before. Below Sissy is wearing one of the crafts she made at VBS a bandanna she drew smiley faces all over. Smiley faces are one of her favorite things to draw right now along with H's, W's and now a cross.

 This week also consisted of a lot of Veggie Tales. This picture depicts everyday real life in our house.

 Baby Guy really is enjoying reading time, I signed both of them up for the library summer reading program and they've already earned one prize each. Here he's holding one of the beach books we read, Sneakers the Seaside Cat.

Sissy really enjoyed a used book I got on Amazon, Gallop.

Even with a busy week we were able to cram in some learning time. I however did slack on the Bible theme, we did read about Creation day 3 at bed time but that was it. I figure we made up for it with VBS. Being able to get all of this done during a busy week gives me more motivation for the upcoming busy fall and winter seasons and years to come.

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