Tot School - Dinosaur / Creation Day 4

Sissy is currently 40 months and Baby Guy is 16 months. Last week was dinosaur week for tot school. This theme has been the most fun so far. There is alot of dinosaur stuff out there. Somehow again we didn't do much on our Bible activity, but I plan to catch us up.

 The moment I set this tot tray out on Sunday night Sissy was begging to do it. It's just a dinosaur clip art I found online and printed for her to color, we also put glitter on the glue and pom poms. She had a blast putting the glue where ever she wanted. We just need to work on how much.

 This was the cutest thing ever, I printed the whole Dinosaur Tot Pack, from 1+1+1=1. She loved the sequencing dinosaurs, there was a size for each member of our family. She called them out in order; Daddy, Mommy, Bubba, Sissy and Baby Guy. It was a adorable.

Then she blew me away when she pulled out this shape puzzle. I thought for sure she wouldn't get this for a while but she knew exactly what to do with it, I was very excited and proud.

This was a picture I snapped one morning. This was before we even got breakfast going, she pulled out her tot tray right after she got dressed. She was ready to color her Dinosaur Train page that I printed from their website. She then pulled this out many more times in the week to continue coloring, write H's and smiley faces all over.

Baby Guy did an awesome job at looking cute while big Sissy colored.

Another thing I did this week was get some dinosaur chicken nuggets and dinosaur oatmeal. The oatmeal didn't look so cool once warmed up, but was still tasty. 

Another loved activity this week was the Aqua Doodle mat, this was an awesome find at
 the recent Target clearance event. I had wanted one for a while and so glad I waited for the price I paid.

The books this week were Dinosaur Bones, Stomp, Dinosaur Stomp!, & Dinosaurumpus!. Baby Guy and Sissy also completed their first part of the summer reading program and both earned a prize. Sissy picked out a book called The First Day of Winter and I picked out a dinosaur book for Baby Guy called Dinos on the Move. I plan on having many more dinosaur themed days as we go through this Tot School/Preschool journey. Another thing I did this week was record Dinosaur Train for them to watch daily. 

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