Tot School - Pioneer/Farm / VeggieTales

The past two weeks title should really be Tot School or lack there of. I don't even know what happened during Pioneer week (the week before) but last week we had an off week to say the least. I didn't even get tot school set up until midweek. Our Sunday started off really rough with a 4 hour round trip drive which included Sissy getting car sick 15 minutes before arriving at our destination. Luckily Mama had a change of clothes & shoes, bags to put the yucky stuff in, lots of Wet Ones to help clean up and Lysol on the Go to help with the smell. This is the second time this has happened so we're pretty sure she gets car sick now and it's not just a fluke. So needless to say after a day like that we were exhausted when we got home and unfortunately that set up our week to be off.

But there was alot of Life School. We had a fun day of shopping including a trip to Ikea which the kids actually enjoy. Probably wouldn't be so fun if they didn't have the cafeteria. Then pretty much everyday was filled with VeggieTales, ALL DAY LONG. I know, I know I'm an awesome parent. But it was just one of those weeks and I will justify it with the lessons that VeggieTales teaches.

Despite all of this I did happen to catch some snap shots of learning and play.

Sissy enjoyed this Buckets of Buttons file folder game messy face and all. She didn't quite get it yet but if was fun anyways.

 Baby Guy was having some fun with the farm puzzle, tractor overalls and all.

Here he is learning to write. This really shocked me that he was actually writing.

Caught them red handed reading Daddy's book.

Posing in action. Don't you just love my vintage carpet. I really really love this about Baby Guys room.

The looks on those faces. Priceless.

 Well regardless of intentional schooling or time spent together, they are learning all of the time. Seeing them play together, which they are also doing right now, fills my heart with so much JOY. This is why He put me here in this place right now.

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