Whole Strawberry Country Jam

I decided I would take my first attempt at making jam yesterday. I chose a really simple recipe, so simple you even keep the berries whole. The flavor turned out good but I'm not crazy about the whole berries. It left alot of jelly without fruit which makes it a little runny, but once you spread it on toast you don't notice. This was good for my first attempt but next time I will tweak it a little. What I really liked though was how quick it was and still very yummy.

Whole Strawberry Country Jam
4 cups strawberries
3 cups sugar
2 tbsp lemon juice

wash, dry and hull strawberries.
In a large pot stir together strawberries and sugar.
Cook on low heat until strawberries release their juices, continuing to gently stir.
Once juices are released, raise heat to medium or so, bring to rolling boil.
Let boil without stirring for 15 min.. But check to make sure jam isn't sticking by running a wooden spoon across bottom of pan.
After 15 min. remove from heat. Pour lemon juice on top, while it's setting.
Once cooled, stir in lemon juice.
Pour into preferred storage container.

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