Learning to sew and shower invitations!!

I've had a sewing machine now for probably 8 years and never did more with it than open the box and look in. Now that I have the time to craft and such I want to learn everything there is to learn and sewing is a big one. My mother-in-law was nice enough to come over this morning and go through the basics with me, threading the machine, the different knobs and actually sewing. I bought a few quilters quarters on sale the other day to play around with. Below is my creation, it really isn't anything  but I'll call it a place mat because it resembles one. It's really rugged but I was just getting the feel of the machine. Pretty happy though, I can't wait to make all kinds of things.

I also have been super busy with baby shower stuff. I finally got all 43 invitations done. Here they are. There are a few variations because these are true scrap invitations. 12 people got added after I bought the supplies so I had to improvise so 9 or so people get a double sided card that you just flip over for the info and most people get a card that flips open. There are lots of layers and details.

Well that's it for now. I'm just excited to finally be able to post these. I have to get back to work on more decorations and other things and a gift I'm making for someone elses shower that I will post after I've given it to her. For now have a great day and fun crafting.

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  1. You are very creative I love these! I'm your newest follower and would love it if you'd link up a project or these cute cards to my first link party! www.mysimplehomelife.com