Sparkly baby shower

Here is the baby shower scrap page I said I would post. Just got around to it. My daughters theme for her room is green and pink and butterflies. So this is what we did for my baby shower. I just happened to find some paper that matched the theme perfectly. I used some new techniques that I've recently learned, I learn so many things weekly it's hard to use them all and I want to use items I've already purchased without buying new things everytime, though it is fun.

I also made some Amish Friedship bread this week using a start a friend brought by, it took 10 days to make and it was sure worth it, both loaves were gone before I could take a picture but I kept a starter and I'll make more. If you are interested you can do this without a starter from a friend  just google Amish Friendship bread starter, you have to use yeast which I've never been successful with but you'll probably have better luck, it sure is worth the hassle the bread is very yummy.Photobucket

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