Passing the time

Right now I'm sitting under the dryer in the salon waiting for my highlights to cure. I'm trying out blogging from my phone. So far so good. I always feel lucky when I get to get my hair done, I feel so much better afterwards, probably because I wait too long in between trips.
I'm still busy working on the invitations for the baby shower. I'm just about done. I've gotten alot more done than I expected in a short time. There were 9 extra people added after I bought the supplies, so I'm improvising and 6 people will get cards that are a little different. But that's ok because I was told that I could buy invitations for the extras so this is a good compromise.
I've finished my baby shower scrapbook page but need to take a pic just haven't had time to really do that and blog.
Well I'm almost done under this heater so until next time.

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  1. Ahhhh...there's nothing like getting your hair done! I always feel extra confident when my hair's all nice and pretty! I enjoy it while it lasts because I can re-create what the hairstylist does...lol!

    Have a happy weekend!:)