Worth the climb

It's a warm day here, not sunny but warm enough for an outside run. Usually I run on my treadmill because it's too cold out. Today I decided to take a diffferent road on my normal run and it ended up having this huge and I mean really steep hill which I powered up, first I was running, then jogging and then power walking to make it to the top, the hardest part was the breathing but it was worth the effort when I turned around to come back there was an awesome view of Mt. Hood. I love where I live! I can't wait to see it on a clear day. I also had two ladies tell me good job which was nice encouragement. Today I felt alot lighter on my feet than my last outdoor run, I'm pretty happy with myself.

I logged my distance on gmaps pedometer, I love this thing and found out I ran/walked 2.41 miles, around 40 minutes and I burned around 386 calories, I'm saying more though because of that hill. One of the best things though about running outside is that my 9 month old usually takes a nap, she loves it.

Well now off to get some lunch.

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