Husband's birthday card

This is a late post because my husband's birthday was on January 27th but I just realized I never posted the card I made for him. It's simple but it's something he loves. His favorite old car and 50 something (I forget the actual year) Buick. His favorite part is the grill and it's my favorite thing about the car too. So I wanted to have something that he really likes. I spent more money than I should have on the Chinese dinner and ice cream cake I got for that night so my gift to him was a certificate saying that next time he wants something on Craigslist (his favorite site) that I would drive to where ever it is and not complain. Pretty much anything he ever wants is somewhere far away and I never want to go. Of course the price had to be reasonable. So guess what he finds, the Buick, but for $1000 I had to say no. After a couple of days he finally dropped it, lol. I was thinking under $100 not $1000. So anyway here's the card.
You can't tell from the picture but there are two layers of the car one on the card and the other car pops off of the card with some foam stickers. I then used a classic car font for the wording. It's very simple but very personal.

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