Tot School Letter E

Tot School

((Hannah is 42 months))
((Danny is 18 months))

Theme: Elephants

We kind of never got around to reading our bible story for this lesson which was Abraham and Sarah, we also took two weeks for this lesson. Our library system is taking forever lately to get books in so I extended our time. We did however have lots of fun. Hannah really enjoyed the letter E page from the Alphabet Ark Book. The project was elbow painting. Too fun!

She's really starting to figure out play-doh, this was our first successful letter.

Here she is making spaghetti. I'm assuming this is the ground beef, just like Daddy likes it.

We're still a ways away from successful cutting so I cut the phonics pictures out for her and she enjoyed pasting them onto the E page

She is continuing to really enjoy these Find the Letter pages.

She's also starting to understand the concept of matching. This puzzle is part of a Sesame Street puzzle pack.

Look what Danny started to do all on his own. This is literally the first picture I was able to take of him standing. I was trying to hurry, hence the blurriness. Sissy was in the crib playing and he wanted to get in too.

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