Dear October,

Where did you go? I feel like you were gone before I really got to say hello. I wanted to thank you for starting this fall season off right. You were filled with pretty house styling, Tot School galore, little munchkins I could just eat, blessings from God in the form of new friends, struggles that open my eyes to show even more love, answers to prayer for my big munchkin, powerful words from the book of James, many lessons being learned from The Healing Path, you helped reignite my love of being in the kitchen to bake and make warm meals, you brought fun new things to wear that I had been denying myself for a while, Pumkpin Patch fun until the tantrum that made people talk and laugh with understanding, yummy coffee in beautiful mugs, adorable Halloween costumes that only lasted until 5pm, and finally the full healing of my broken foot. October, I thank God that he made you the start of a new season, beautiful colors, warmer clothes and food and the start of the holiday season. I feel like I am starting a new season, a new beginning. My hope has been restored.

Thank you, October.

Yours Truly,


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