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Tot School

We used another couple of weeks to go over the letter B activities and books. The activities that Hannah worked on this week were counting bears, a magnetic 3D puzzle that I picked up a yard sale for $1 (this is something that she won't really understand for a while but she still enjoys playing with the shapes), a color blue Crayola puzzle that I picked up at the Dollar Store (again she can't put the puzzle together but it's fun to help her and then name all of the blue things in the picture), then I printed her the Brown Bear, Brown Bear Tot Pack from 1+1+1=1. She really enjoys the different activities in these packs. 

This was the first time that I tried graphing with her and she didn't understand it at all. So I just kept having her roll the die and we waited to see which animal would reach the top of the graph first, Bear won! She also filled in some of the dots, but I did most.

  One of the activities she loved the most and asked to do it all week was the Alphabet Art book from All Our Days. The letter B project was a band-aid page. Hannah is already obsessed with band-aids so she was sad that I only let her have 6 band-aids and one page. But she was able to unwrap them all and stick them on all by herself. She is a pro considering every time she hurts herself she runs to get a band-aid bleeding or not.

 The picture below is one of the most exciting moments of the week when out of the blue she can all of a sudden trace lines. These are not straight by any means but the fact that she finally saw the dotted line and made the connection is super exciting and satisfying to me. These are the moments I have glimpses of the future and think we'll be ok during this homeschool journey.

Danny helped with the markers, including marking all over one of our couch slipcovers in black. And of all of the markers Hannah uses these are not washable. It washed out a little, but that kind of stuff is going to happen during these years and probably forever so I really wasn't upset. Which I'm surprised at myself for.

Again I didn't get any pictures of the books we read, I am determined to remember that! But they include, The Jesus Storybook Bible, Do your ABC's, Little brown bear, Brown Bear (Suzi Eszterhas), If I were a ballerina, Ballerina Rosie, Ballerina! (Peter Sis), Scare a bear, Big brown bear's birthday surprise and Brown bear, brown bear.

In our Family Connections class at church we had the pleasure of hearing one of our main pastors speak to us about bible read throughs. He spoke of a new or rediscovered trend going around called Orality or Storying. The basis is; you read a story out loud and then have the people listening tell it back and have others fill in the blanks that the person telling it back missed. It is a way to memorize the story, make it your own and hopefully comprehend it better. It reminds me of what the Native-Americans or other ancient people did while sitting around the camp fire and telling stories of their ancestors. It really is a way to captivate an audience and bring them into the story. It is especially beneficial to people or children who cannot yet read or write. So our pastor suggested doing that with your children as a way to read through the bible. I was really happy when he brought this up because it's pretty much what we are doing when we are reading these Bible stories to our children. Having them tell it back to us or explain what happened is an awesome way for them to comprehend the story and memorize it more. The week before our pastor spoke on this Hannah was actually doing this with me with the Creation story. It was really exciting, she was recapping the story and finishing it for me. She even ran to get her Creation crafts to illustrate the sky that God created. This was another moment that I knew I was doing something right.

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