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Tot School

((Hannah is 41 months))
((Danny is 16 months))

And here it is, another couple of weeks have passed. This might or might not become a regular occurrence. I'm not just behind in blogging tot school but we actually ended up doing the letter A for two weeks. The night I was supposed to order the letter B books from the library I forgot and then remembered later in the week. But I didn't let that stress me out and just rolled with it. So what, we're going to cover the same letter two weeks in a row and my "school plan" is off now. It's really no big deal, Sissy already knows the letter A and all of the alphabet for that matter. But sticking to a letter of the week plan just gives me some structure. We might even deviate to a certain book, movie or character of the week here an there. But the letter of the week will be my fall back plan. We may or may not get through the whole alphabet.

Now, let me show what we did for the letter A. We're working on an Alphabet Art Book. We'll see if we get all 26 letters. But Sissy had so much fun stamping with the apples from our apple trees. A couple of days ago I saw someone did this with a stamp pad instead of paint and you could see the apples more clearly but this still worked.


The biggest accomplishment of the week is that baby guy is always on his knees. He's been able to discover a whole new world. It's so amazing to see him catch up so quickly. In July he wasn't even really sitting up on his own, now he sits up all by himself, army crawls everywhere and starting to crawl on hands and knees. 

Then...later in the week he started to pull himself up to standing. You can see that he's so proud. He so desperately wants to do what Sissy does. This is still a very rare thing for him, but it's just amazing to see him accomplish in weeks what others do in months.

We had lots of reading time, with Alligator Shoes, Oliver and his alligator, Apples by Jacqueline Farmer, Zack's alligator goes to school, Ten apples up on top! and Apples by Gail Gibbons. We also went over the whole creation story again and Sissy was finishing the story for me.

Then lots of play time.

One of his favorite toys, Bubba's light saber.

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