Tot/Life School Past Two Weeks

Where are these weeks going? I don't know if it's the time of year or just me but these weeks are flying by. I think "oh I'm going to post about Tot School" and then when I sit down to write I realize that I have to blog about two weeks. Crazy!

The week before last was Sleep or Rest theme based on the seventh day of Creation. But of course I didn't get any pictures of the wonderful books that we read. We read Little Hoot, The Napping House, A Book of Sleep,  and Russell the Sheep. None of them pertained to Creation but they were still good.

 I couldn't really think of or find any good "rest" activities other than napping so that's what we focused on. It was wonderful. I had been pretty lax lately with naps and our schedule and house was unsettled because of it so I took this week to really figure out a good time for Sissy to nap and made sure she went down whether she slept or not. If she didn't want to sleep she could stay in bed and look at books or play with one of her "quiet time boxes". This has been wonderful and has really relaxed our house again.

The next week was our break from Tot school week and planning for the upcoming "school" year. Of course you really can't take a break from tot school because the kids are going to play and learn anyways. Which is another reason why I love doing tot school. It's so effortless if you want it to be. You can make it as structured or unstructured as you want. I want to relish in how laid back things can be right now because I know as we continue on this homeschool journey things will get a little more demanding.

I did however manage to get some unedited photos of what was going on last week. Baby Guy is getting better and better at climbing, so he was practicing on his Sissy.

They are in love with this tunnel.

And this tent. Sissy decided all on her own to put pillow and blankets in it and read some books. My heart melted.

Cannot seem to break this habit. If I'm not on her every minute they sneak their way in. Even if I put them out of reach she'll steal her brother's. I want to remember this though, even though she is getting bigger, she is still my baby.

Baby Guy so proud of himself. He started sitting up all by himself on 8/25/13. Another moment I want to remember. He's 16 months old and it has taken him a long time to get to this point. He moves at his own pace but is doing new things all of the time.

A finger painting  master peice.

Note to self: do not use shaving cream on surfaces you will eat off of or with kitchen utensils you will use with food. It takes a while for the fragrance to come off completely after washes. But she had a blast anyway. Weird seeing her in the high chair this is Baby Guy's throne now.

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