Before Five in a Row: If Jesus Came to My House


((Hannah is 3 1/2))
((Danny is 1 1/2))

It's been a while since we did these activities, these past few weeks have been super busy. I haven't really had time to sit down and blog. 

Reading If Jesus Came to My House every day was great. It really put how we are supposed to love people like Jesus into easy to understand perspective. Great lessons. The part that stood out to Hannah the most was having Jesus near all of the time so there is no need to be afraid, especially at night time shadows like the boy in the story.We used the lapbook activities from Home School Share.

It worked out great that we were on the letter J while rowing this story. As you can see she's very enthused. She actually does still enjoy these Alphabet Cut & Paste sheets, they really help with phonics.

Danny had some fun playing with little bells and a bottle. Hannah had to get in on the fun, she's still more interested in Danny's activities.

A little more enthused after finishing her dot letter J. She does still love this activity.

We did the cutest art work for the Alphabet Art Book. I had no idea what to do for jellyfish so I looked on Pinterest and found this idea.

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