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So like I said in a post recently I've started cloth diapering and decided to purchase some of the "ebay" pocket diapers to try.Well so far I've received 3 of the 5 that I've ordered and I wanted to do a review on them today. Right off the bat, I want to say that for what you pay for these diapers they are great! I'm not sure how long they will last but I feel very satisfied with what I paid, how quick they arrived and the quality.

If any of you have ever looked into ebay diapers you will see that there are many many sellers and different brands. Most are the same style from different sellers but if you look closely you'll find different brands and different styles within those brands. I've spent hours scouring ebay to see all the different styles. I have a few more on order now to try out. All of these diapers fit weights from newborn-35 lbs. All of these were washed once with Charlies soap before use. I only hang dry the shell and dry the inserts on high for 60 min.

 I will start with the first diaper that I purchased, the pink one, no brand name. I bid on this diaper before I realized that it didn't have an insert included but that was no big deal because I recently found 6 like new bumgenius inserts at a baby resale shop for .25 cents each, so no worries there. The inner material on this diaper is a polyester, so it's not fuzzy but it wicked the moisture away perfectly. The diaper pictured is set on the medium rise ready for little Hannah. I went ahead and tested the diaper with it's hardest job right off the bat, overnight. I stuffed two bumgenius inserts in and realized that with it being that thick I had to have the rise open to the largest setting and even then it fit was a little off. This diaper is very flimsy and the inside wants to roll to the outside if that makes sense. So I had to do some readjusting and once I did that it worked great. All night, 10+ hours and no leaks! So that right there sold me on the diaper. For .99 cents and $2.99 shipping I will deal with having to adjust it a little every time.

Then after it's next wash I tried it out during the day with one insert on the medium rise setting and with a little more adjusting it worked great again.

I'm so happy with this diaper I ordered another in a minky shell, this time with an insert.

The second diaper pictured above is the Coolababy brand diaper. This was the one I was most excited about. These just looked like they had a little bit of higher quality and they are a little different than the diaper listed above. This diaper came with it's own insert that even had "coolababy" embroidered on it, nice touch. The inner material is a micro-fleece which is fuzzier than the diaper above. The opening for the insert in this one is a bit bigger and leaves some extra material which could be changed in my opinion but it works and I assume that for a baby at this diapers max weight would stretch the material so it would be needed. I just tuck the micro-fleece around the top of the insert. I also started this on an overnight. I stuffed it with the insert included and a bumgenius insert. Also, double stuffed I had to put on the largest fit. Again, 10+ hours with no leaks. Very happy with this diaper, I think I paid $4.25 total including shipping. I've got a bid in for another one but a bamboo/charcoal version so we'll see if I win.

The third diaper that arrived was the Babyland diaper. This is the one I've heard the worst reviews on and it's all about the fit. Now I can't judge it on a smaller baby, just on my 20lb 13 month old but this diaper fit her just fine. This diaper is trimmer than the other two but I actually liked that. This diaper also came with it's own insert but it was smaller than the coolababy. The inner material on this one is a fleece as well but it looks lower quality. The nice feature on this diaper is that it has crossover snaps so you can make the waist even smaller if needed. This diaper also has a little flap to cover the insert once stuffed. I tried this one out over night as well and with the babyland insert and bumgenius insert I had no leaks again. I also had to put this one on the largest fit when it was double stuffed. I'm not sure if I'll order more of these but I'm satisfied with this purchase, $2.25 total.

So over all I'm very satisfied with the ebay diapers. I wanted to do this post because I'm sure lots of people look at these diapers but are skeptical. I was too but with such a good price and good youtube reviews I had to try them. I also want to say that after payment, each of these only took no more than a week to arrive. That's awesome from China and I didn't owe any duties or customs.

I have purchased more cloth diaper accessories and will share those on another post.

Let me know if you have any other questions on these diapers or anything else.
Have a great day!

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