First day of thanks and my first ever scrapbook page

First I want to give thanks today. Today I am thankful for my husband's work supplying us with a turkey so tonight when we go to get our Thanksgiving groceries we don't have to worry about spending alot on a turkey big enough to feed our big family. I'm also thankful for my crockpot because I was supposed to go grocery shopping today but my husband took the only vehicle I can drive, our 4x4 truck, to work because it's going to snow so now we have to brave the grocery store tonight and because of my crockpot we'll have a nice warm pot roast waiting for us when we get home.

Now on to my scrapbook page for my daughters baby book, pretty much all I'm going say is I'm glad it's done and I'm going to respect my inner creative spirit by accepting it for what it is and moving on from there.

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